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Rates and Payment

Shipping your household goods in fully protected steel-constructed 20 foot or 40 foot ocean container is the proven method to safeguard your belongings during ocean transport. Our rates are calculated on a per-container basis. Price depends on the overall length of the ocean container you choose and the type of service you select. The costs depend on the place the container would be sent to for your loading and also on your final destination country.

Door to Door
: We can arrange for a container to be dropped off at your home or business, picked up when you have finished packing the container and delivered to your new location. With this service we plan the trucking and ocean transit for you. All you have to do is pack your goods in the container and make a list of your goods and their values.

We arrange for you to ship your personal vehicle or boat with your household goods in the same container, or if you choose, you may deliver your vehicle directly to the port for shipment via a RO/RO vessel. To obtain more information about port to port service for your vehicle please ask us.

To obtain a free estimate for your move fill out our Free Quote form or call our customer service representative.

We can accept payment on your credit card in some cases and will send you the Credit Card Authorization form when you are ready to arrange for the payment. The following payment methods are accepted:

  • Cashiers check
  • Travelers check
  • Bank or postal money order
  • Cash
  • Credit card - Master Card, VISA or Discover - Card holder must fill in and sign the Credit Card Authorization form and send it back to us with a copy of their identification.
  • Sorry, no personal checks are accepted

Please note:

  • Payment of the full amount or a deposit must be received prior to the delivery of empty equipment and subsequent delivery to port or rail
  • Shipment reference number must be noted on your payment

Which Container Is Right For Me?

We offer a Full Container Load service (FCL) and will provide you with a clean, empty 20 foot or 40 foot ocean container for loading your personal household goods.

You, as the shipper, are responsible for packing, loading and securing your personal household goods in the container.

Obtaining Your Container For Loading

The container will be delivered to you on a chassis (wheels) raising the container floor about four feet above the ground. The shipping line does not provide ramps or lift-gates, tie-downs or packing materials for loading.

To avoid parking violations for a container parked on a public street overnight, we strongly advise that you take a moment and check with your local city hall officials or police department for restrictions

Arrival at the Destination Port

When the ship arrives at its destination port, your personal household goods shipment will be unloaded and placed in the container yard and the designated trucker will be notified that the container is available for pickup. Once your container is discharged from the vessel at the destination port your shipment must be cleared through customs at the country of destination before the delivery can be arranged. Customs Clearance is not automatically included in the shipping price quoted.

Delivery of your container at the destination:

After customs clearance your container can be delivered to your location by our appointed and arranged trucker or you can ask our agent in your destination country to arrange the delivery for you.

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