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If you are taking your vehicle out of Great Britain permanently you must notify DVLA. If you have a Registration Document (V5) you can do this by completing section C to show the intended date of export. The V5 should then be returned to DVLA or to a DVLA Local Office. In its place you will receive a Certificate of Permanent Export (V561) as confirmation of your vehicle's registration.

If you have a Registration Certificate (V5C) then you must notify export on the purple section (V5C/4). You must take your Registration Certificate with you as you may have to hand it over to the relevant authority when the vehicle is registered abroad. Further information on this subject, including advice on taking a vehicle to Northern Ireland, can be found in leaflet V526 'Taking your vehicle out of the country'. 

Temporary Exports

If you are taking your vehicle out of the country for less than 12 months you must make sure you take your Registration Document (V5) / Certificate (V5C) with you. If you do not have one, you should apply to a DVLA Local Office on form V62. The Registration Certificate may take up to 14 days to arrive. If you need to travel during this time you will need to apply for Temporary Registration Certificate. You should apply well before your journey, as there could be delays of up to 14 days in issuing the Certificate if you are not already recorded as the vehicle keeper. There is a fee for this service.

You should make sure that you meet any international and national conditions for licensing and taxation. See 'What if my vehicle license is due to expire while I am abroad'.

We can normally ship a vehicle without an export certificate, however your Certificate will reduce the chance any delays by clarifying to UK Customs and Excise the correct ownership of your vehicle.

International Car Shipping: Check your vehicle history here:

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Without an Export Certificate, UK customs may decide to check on any outstanding finance owed, especially if it is a new or high value vehicle. In the event that outstanding finance is due, you may still be able to ship you vehicle providing you can get written approval from the credit or loan company. You can check your vehicle history at Carwatch.

International Car Shipping: Duty and Taxes

We can ship your vehicle anywhere! However please bear in mind that you may be liable to pay import duties once your vehicle has arrived at the destination port.

A Cargo Agents Network agent can arrange for the necessary import clearance documentation, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully conversant with import regulations and requirements.

We have no control over any charges incurred by customs authorities overseas. They may charge duties and taxes at their discretion. We have provided some useful links to overseas customs authorities here.

Important Notice on Personal Effects.

Do you have any Personal Effects, Household Goods, and Excess Baggage etc?

Due to insurance restrictions we do not recommended that personal effects are loaded inside vehicles booked on Roll on Roll off services. If you have personal effects to ship please visit our International Removals Services here. International Removals UK and Overseas Removals UK.

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