Loading your own household goods and personal effects into a container at your home 

 We can give you a rate for the shipment of a 20 foot or 40 foot container from your home to most port and destination overseas. The way we work is that we can include the cost to have our local trucker bring over the empty container to your location. The price will include the drivers waiting time of two hours. However, it will be up to you to arrange for the loading of your goods into the container. The driver does not do that and our price does not include any load or handling of your goods with this type of quote. 

The Cargo Agents Network agent’s quote will specify what is included and normally it is just for the transportation of the container once you have loaded your goods into it.

May of our customers arrange for the loading of their goods themselves or they get some friends to help them. Others hire casual labor for a day but you could also get a local mover or ‘man with a van’ to give you a price to come to your home and handle the loading of your goods into the container. Keep in mind that unpacked furniture will need to be wrapped to avoid damage in transit and you should keep in mind that a marine shipping container gets shipped on the road, rail and on a ship and can be rocked, jolted, shunted and otherwise jostled in transit so you must make sure that the goods you load into the container will not mover about as that will cause damage.

It is always best to use a professional moving firm for the loading and you can check with local movers in your Yellow Pages or local paper since you will only need a small mover for this as the large national van lines can be very expensive.

If you also wish to ship a vehicle such as your car please keep in mind that the container will be delivered to your location on a chassis and the container will be about 52 inches off the ground. Therefore, it is not possible to drive your car into the container. You will need help with this and you can either have the mover handle that for you as they have ramps etc. for this. Or you can perhaps arrange with a local Gas Station or Service Station that has a ‘rollback trailer’ (Jerr-Dan rollback trailer type tow truck) for them to come over and winch your vehicle on to their trailer and then back it up to the container and get your vehicle onto the container. They would need to secure your vehicle (block and brace) with steel straps as well as disconnect the battery and drain the gas tank (make sure that the gas tank had less then ¼ of a tank).

It is also possible that you could bring your car to one of our terminals for them to load and secure your vehicle into the container. You could also bring over all your goods yourself using a U Haul trailer or whatever means and we would have the terminal load your goods into the container with your vehicle. However, there is a cost for this and as we use commercial terminals it is better to make sure that all or as much of your goods as possible are packed in cartons or boxes and keep any unpacked furniture items to a minimum as these commercial terminals are not well equipped to handle unpacked or wrapped furniture items.

If you use a professional firm to load you goods into the container you have a better coverage for insurance than if you load your goods on your own or using friends. The insurance company will not cover you for your poor packing and loading of the goods when you do it yourself.

Please ask us if you have any questions and we also have resources such as Packing Tips and a Free Auto Shipping guide that we would be pleased to send to you.

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