Pre-Move Checklist






4 Weeks before moving:

1.       Decide which items are to be moved or donated to charity

2.       Call current physician to recommend a colleague near your new residence or check with your health care provider.

3.       Arrange transfer of school records

4.       Check homeowner’s policy to see if moving is covered.

5.       Determine value of inventory for insurance purposes.

6.       Arrange to have major appliances serviced before you move them.

7.       Moving can be a shock! Discuss the move with your family.

3 Weeks before moving:

1.       Explore your new community and meet some of your new neighbors.

2.       Consume all flammables and aerosols before you move.

3.       Notify your post office and obtain change-of-address forms.

4.       Notify magazines to which you subscribe about your new address.

5.       Confirm move at destination.

6.       Be certain the site is ready.

2 Weeks before moving:

1.       Decide which items you will pack and which items you would like a movingfirm to pack.

2.       Discontinue utilities and delivery services on the specified date.

3.       Draw up a floor plan of your new home and indicate placement of furnishings.

1 Week before moving:

1.       Arrange to have cash, certified check or money order ready to pay driver before goods are unloaded.

2.       Gather important medicines and papers for personal transport to new residence.

3.       Contact local phone company to establish new service and disconnect service at your current home.

4.       Start packing suitcases.  

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