North American Automobile, Truck, Boat and Wheeled Vehicle Shipping

How your vehicle can be shipped

Ro/Ro: (roll on / roll off) Is the simplest and cheapest method of shipping. Cars are driven directly into the Ro/Ro vessel and secured to the car decks. Securely inside the vessel, wind and watertight. Please note you cannot ship personal effects using this method. Spare tire and factory fitted accessories only are allowed. 


Vehicle Loading


Safe and secure inside your own container. All vehicles are securely blocked, braced and tied down ensuring absolute security during transportation. You can also ship any personal effects inside the vehicle. 

USA Customs

Required Paperwork USA Customs requires the Original Title or certified copy of the title. Certification of the title can only be made by a Government issuing authority such as the Department of Motor Vehicles. Notarized copies of the title are not acceptable. If there is a lien holder on your vehicle, a letter from your lien holder must be provided. These documents are required for the U.S. Customs clearance for export and all original and certified copies are returned upon clearance. 


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